J. Gow Revenge


Pure pot still Scottish rum bottled at 43% Alc. Vol. 70cl
Aged 3 years in bourbon and virgin oak casks.
Batch 3.2019
Zero added sugar or colouring.
Produced in Orkney, Scotland.

The Merchant ship Caroline set sail from Santa Cruz on the 3rd November 1724 en route to Genoa. The ship would never reach its destination. The reportedly terrible conditions onboard inspired second mate John Gow to instigate a mutiny, taking control of the ship. With Gow as her new captain, six extra canons were mounted on The Caroline’s deck – making a total of 18 – and she set out on a course for piracy under her new name: The Revenge.

Tasting Notes

Light funk, acidic fruit and caramel on the nose. Stone fruit, spice and toffee on the palate with over ripe peaches on the finish.

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Revenge is a three-year-old pure single Scottish rum aged in ex-bourbon and virgin oak casks for three years.  A Blend of our HD and DS marques. The hint of vanilla from the bourbon casks perfectly complements the sweetness and coconut provided by the virgin oak, which results in a rich and deeply flavoured rum without the need for any added sugar, artificial flavours or colourings.

Revenge is best drunk neat at room temperature, or in the signature cocktail – Pirate’s Tale.

Pirate’s Tale

50ml Revenge

12.5ml Lime juice

12.5ml Sugar syrup

12.ml Allspice dram

4 dashes bitters

 Add all ingredients to a shaker with ice, shake, strain and serve.

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