J. Gow Culverin


J. Gow Culverin 50% Alc Vol 70cl

Unaged pure single rum, made in Scotland.
Our TC marque fermented to 9% over 5 days
distilled to 85% in a single pass
on our 2000L pot still with rectification column.
It is then slowly diluted to 50% to create a lighter spirit
which still offers plenty of flavour.

Taste notes
Fruity and green on the nose.
Fresh cotton, marshmallow, green apples and liquorice.

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The Culverin was a two tonne cannon adapted for use on the sea in the 16th century. It could fire up to 8kg round shot to distances of over 1 kilometre. Just like the culverin this rum has a long range and packs a punch. Drink it neat, with your favourite mixer or in cocktails.

Try it with tonic, in a daiquiri or classic (rum) sour.

*Non chill filtered, flocculation may occur in the bottle at colder temperatures. These are flavour particles and heavier oils coming out of solution and nothing to worry about. Bringing the bottle back up to room temperature and giving it a gentle shake should disperse most particles present.