2020 New casks, products and our first 3 year old Scottish Rum.

In January 2020 we filled our fortieth cask. A very unique cask, that as far as we know has never been done before. Filled with our DS (double stripped) rum made from a different type of molasses. With an aim to leave this one for around five to eight years.

j gow scottish rum cask number 40
The 40th cask of J. Gow Scottish Rum


In February we took delivery of more molasses and then began the first fermentations of the year. It was snowing outside and four degrees Celsius inside, all the more reason for our temperature controlled fermenters.

J gow fresh molasses
Fresh Molasses
J Gow first fermentation of 2020
First Fermentation of 2020.

New Product

After several requests for them last year, we decided to welcome 5cl Fading Light into our rum family. Ideal for gifts or for fitting in your hand luggage. A great size to try our chestnut cask aged pure single rum for the first time.

J gow fading light chestnut cask aged rum
5cl Fading Light

Our First 3 year old Scottish rum!

The most exciting news of all is that in October this year, we will be releasing our very first 3 year old rum! It will also be our first single cask and cask strength release, a strong full flavoured rum with an ABV in the mid fifties. A one off cask and bottling with a limited number of bottles. Once we are closer to the October release date, we’ll know the final ABV and overall volume and then we will begin taking online preorders. There will be a number of bottles set aside to be sold through our shop, on a first come first served basis.

J Gow cask strength 3 year old Scottish rum
The cask chosen for our first 3 year old release.

The plan until then is to keep making rum and filling casks. With only an eight month wait until you get to try our first cask strength 3 year old Scottish rum.