Winter at Lamb Holm

It’s been a busy, but cold few months here at Lamb Holm.
The launch of J. Gow Spiced Rum in late October 2017,
meant plenty of work bottling and hand labeling.

j gow spiced rum being filled

4 bottles of j gow spiced rum hand labelled

HD Rum

As well as this we’ve made our first batches of HD Rum (heavy dunder) for barrel ageing.
Where portions of the backset (left over liquid in the still) from the stripping run are reused in the next fermentation.
Similar to how a sour mash works in Bourbon production, it gives a real nice depth of flavour to the rum.
We are also waiting on another delivery of barrels and will have around 2000L of HD rum to go straight into the barrels as well as some higher strength rum, to put away for ageing.

molasses into fermenter

We’ve had a fair amount of snow over the last few months too.
The lowest recorded temperature inside the distillery so far being 2.48°C.
Just as well we have temperature controlled fermenters as not much would want to ferment in that.

2.48°C inside distillery

Even though is still looks pretty in the cold (yes that’s snow on the beach), a few degrees warmer wouldn’t be so bad.

Snow at the distillery beach