J. Gow Wild Yeast Series Orchweizen


The third release in our wild yeast series.

Made from yeast isolated from northern marsh orchids, that grow beside the distillery on Lamb Holm.

Blended with rum made using hefeweizen yeast (renowned for creating isoamyl acetate).

21 & 31 day fermentations.

58.8% Alc Vol. 70cl

limited to 200 bottles.

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The 2nd strain of native yeast harvested from wild Northern marsh orchids that grow right beside the distillery.

The yeast was harvested on the 2nd of July 2021. Various mini ferments were setup with petals or swabs taken from the flowers.

Successful ferments were then isolated and scaled up from 50ml starter fermentations, all the way up to grow enough yeast to then ferment 2000L.

It involved counting active yeasts cells under a microscope. To calculate how many litres of yeast were required to ferment a full size batch.

Fermentation lasted 20 days, it was distilled in a single pass distillation to around 80%.
This was blended with a 31 day fermentation rum made using Hefeweizen yeast. Normally used for beer, and renowned for creating isoamyl acetate (banana esters). Creating a very fruity, punchy rum.

We have casks laid down of this wild yeast strain on its own, as well as the blend.
It will be interesting to see how this ages and develops.