J. Gow Wild Yeast Series Kveik 2022


The second release in our wild yeast series.

Fermented with a triple blend of Hornindal Kveik, traditional Norwegian farmhouse yeast. Unaged and non chill filtered.

62% Alc Vol. 70cl

Limited to only 201 bottles.

A floral, fruity and strong unaged Scottish rum.

Non Chill filtered (*see below),
No added sugar or colouring (obviously).

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J. Gow Kveik 2022 our second wild yeast release from the distillery.

Orkney has a historical connection to Norway (having belonged to Norway in the past) so it was cool to tie in to that. We could make up a story about Vikings, but to be honest the flavour profile created by the yeast was something we thought would be well suited for rum.

A double batch fermented for 7 days & 9 days, distilled in a single pass to 85%. Slowly cut down to 62%. Half of which is being released in its unaged form, the other half will be casked into oloroso octaves for a number of years.

*Due to it being non chill filtered and the heavier flavour of this rum some flocculation may appear in the bottle at colder temperatures. These are flavour particles and heavier oils coming out of solution and nothing to worry about. Bringing the bottle back up to room temperature and giving it a gentle shake should disperse most particles present.