J. Gow Rum Taster set


1 x 5cl J. Gow Spiced Rum

1 x 5cl Fading Light

1 x 100g Humes rum & raisin tablet

1 x 275ml Fentimans Ginger beer

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J. Gow Rum taster set. Includes a mini of our award winning spiced rum, a mini Fading Light chestnut cask aged rum, Humes rum and raisin tablet and a Fentimans ginger beer. A perfect intro to our rums, also makes a great gift.

The Spiced Rum won the 2018 IWSC Rum & Ginger Beer trophy and pairs wonderfully with the ginger beer.

Try the Fading Light neat, over ice or mixed with ginger beer. We also have some great cocktails with both rums.

The rum and raisin tablet is made by Humes in Orkney and uses raisins soaked in our spiced rum.