A Freediver and a Bottle of Pirate Rum

One sunny night in Orkney last week, a friend of ours sent us a message. He’s a freediver and was going to dive the  wrecks off the second Churchill barrier at Lamb Holm. He said he had an idea, that required a bottle of rum…

Happy to oblige we met at the distillery and off he went with a bottle of rum. A few hours later he sent through these amazing images.

Photo credit Scott Johnston.

Real Scottish Pirate Treasure

j gow rum on a ship wreck underwater photo freediverJ Gow rum underwater on a shipwreckJ Gow underwater on the sea bed j gow rum sea bed  j gow rum sea bed 3 J Gow rum on a shipwreck photo taken by freediver  j gow rum underwater shipwreck j gow spiced rum on a shipwreck j gow spiced rum underwater

The results truly were amazing. All thanks goes to Scott for the idea and the images. Orkney really is a beautiful place, above and below the water.