Barrels, Casks & Hogsheads

The start of March saw us take a delivery of another 12 barrels (of course it was snowing, though it did make for a nice photo). A mixture of ex bourbon, ex red wine and virgin oak hogsheads (approx. 250L).

j gow rum head distiller with barrelsj gow rum barrels above viewj gow rum barrels in the snow 

With the barrels prepped and checked.

barrels and snow

We painted them in our J. Gow Rum colour.

painting barrels

The frames were built and the barrels laid into position, before being filled.

positioning barrels ready for filling

Filled with either our HD (heavy dunder) rum, made with reused backset in the fermentation and extra dunder. or DS rum which is a higher strength rum, made with an additional distillation.

j gow rum head distiller collin filling barrels 

We think they look rather good all branded up.

j gow rum barrels j gow rum barrels fisheye

Now all we have to do is wait. Luckily we filled a few barrels last year, that will be ready sooner.

j gow rum chestnut barrels