First rum barrels ever laid down in Orkney.

It’s been a very busy few months here at the J. Gow distillery. Fermenting and distilling as much as possible, to build up enough matured stock for the launch of the spiced rum.  We’ve made 38000 litres of wash so far and distilled 20 runs on the still. We’ve managed to work our way through 6 tonnes of molasses already, and have taken delivery of another 3 tonnes.

molasses delivery j gow distillery


Our first delivery of barrels arrived from Italy. We opted for chestnut (this wood was widely used before oak became the norm). They should work well with the colder Orkney climate, and create an interesting flavour.

brand new chestnut barrels

The first ever rum barrels laid down in Orkney.

first ever rum barrels filled in orkney top view

Head Distiller Collin filling the first ever rum barrels in Orkney.

first rum barrels ever being filled in orkney

We are reconditioning a few ex whisky casks and will fill them soon. A further 20 will be arriving from France in the next few months.

Spiced Rum

The launch of our spiced rum is not far away. Bottles are on order and we will release the official launch date soon.